Sunday, March 28, 2010

Details ups for 3rd Gioteck Reseller!

Details ups for the 3rd authorized reseller for Gioteck Real Triggers!

Start Gaming

3 Coleman Street
#01-16, Peninsula Shopping Centre
Singapore 179804
Tel : 9838 4857
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Images Of Gioteck Real Triggers OEM Pack

As per the request for the guys who asked for the actual image for the OEM pack, please kindly refer to below images.

OEM Pack against a Sony Dual Shock controller

Back View

Actual Triggers With Gioteck details

Also, we have confirmed the 2nd authorized Gioteck reseller. As below,

Interactive Gameworks  
BRN : 53076921B

Office : 6451 4845
Mobile : 9150 2517
Best Regards

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Test Run Video on PS3 Bad Company 2 with FRAGnStein

A recent video done to illustrate the importance of proper FRAGnStein setting with combination of BC2 In-Game sensitivity setup with F button Clicks. The firmware used is expert Firmware MAG V1.0. After making the video and playing online for a few days, The best spot for BC2 personally would be In-Game 60% and F+3.

Enjoy the audioswap music dubbed as I was never a good narrator!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Introducing Scorch FPS Controller For Xbox360!

FRAGnStein has a New Xbox twin! Bannco Corp has recently released Scorch FPS controller for the Xbox360 community.

As per FRAGnStein dual usage on Sony PS3 console and PC, Scorch is designed for Microsoft Xbox360 console and PC!

Both utilized PC as a bridge for the latest firmware patches and button re-configurations.

The only difference is the startup procedures to initialize Scorch on your Xbox360. You would need a WIRED Xbox360 controller to initialize and handshake. Upon the successful "handshake" with the console, the wired controller can be removed from the dongle, leaving the Scorch dongle in the USB port.

Please watch the video to have a better understanding on how to setup Scorch on your Xbox360.

On the right hand side of this page, you would also find the first 3 authorized resellers who would be reselling Scorch in their premises.

Scorch's Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is S$159.90 and come with a 24-month local PowerGamers warranty. Please remember to only purchase Scorch FPS controllers from our listed resellers in order to get complete warranty/support from us.

Best Regards

Introducing our 3rd Product Line, GIOTECK REALTRIGGERS!

We have finally received our complete shipment for our 3rd Product Line, GIOTECK RealTriggers for PS3 controllers.

There are 2 types of packings available from us.

Gioteck RealTriggers Retail Pack @$8.90 and OEM Pack @ $5.90 per set. Beside the simplified plastic packing and the smaller cardboard holder on the OEM pack, there are no differences on the contents of the set. The 2 pieces of RealTriggers themselves designed to clip on your Sony Dual Shock Controller L2/R2 are the same in both the retail pack and the OEM pack.

We have confirmed our first authorized reseller for the RealTriggers. Please kindly refer to the below details.

The Software Boutique Pte Ltd

109 North Bridge Road
#05-42 Funan DigitaLife Mall
Singapore 179097
Tel : 6339 9793

Best Regards