Friday, April 16, 2010

Introducing our 4th Product Line, Caps4Stix Rubber Grips!

We have received our NEW shipment for our 4th Product Line, Caps4Stix Thumbstick Rubber Grips for PS3/XBOX360/FRAGnStein/Scorch/Fragfx controllers' thumbstick.

Some Images below for your reference!

There are 3 types of packings available from us.

1. Caps4Stix PS3 Pack (5pcs Black) @ $6.90
2. Caps4Stix XBOX360 Pack (5pcs Grey) @ $6.90 
3. Caps4Stix (2pcs Blk)+ Gioteck Retail Bundle Pack @ $10.90
We would announced our resellers for the new Caps4Stix shortly. Please watch this space.

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