Monday, May 3, 2010

Short Video of the FRAGnStein Mouse on C4 NGen Gaming Surface!

A short video to illustrate the slippery teflon surface on the C4 NGen gaming surface for gaming mouse with C4 teflon mouse discs attached. In this case, with a FRAGnStein Mouse. C4 NGen would improve game-play for FRAGnStein/Scorch gaming on consoles, as the F-clicks can stay @ zero or very low to maintain smooth micro-movements while having a better friction-less surface for 180/360 turns in fps based games.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Introducing our 5th Product Line, C4 NGen Gaming Surfaces!

We have received our NEW shipment for our 5th Product Line, C4 NGen Gaming Surfaces designed for all optical/laser gaming mouses, specially for competitive/online gaming requirements.

C4 NGen Gaming surfaces are also the best tested surfaces used by many of the hardcore FRAGnStein/Scorch users around the world, and has nothing but high praises! 

There are in total 5 types of standard C4 NGen products available from us and 1 special PowerGamers C4 Pack available only to FRAGnStein/Scorch users who purchased the sets from our authorized resellers.

1. C4 NGen 1/8" Thick Gaming Surface LARGE 14" X 9.5"@ $39.90

2. C4 NGen 1/8" Thick Gaming Surface MEDIUM 8.5" X 9.5"@ $33.90 

3. C4 NGen Classic (Adhesive Back) Gaming Surface MEDIUM 11.5" X 8.5"@ $22.90

4. C4 NGen 3/4" Diameter Mouse Disc (36-Pcs) Pack@ $6.90

5. C4 NGen 1/4" Diameter Mouse Dots (12-Pcs) Pack@ $5.90 

6.. PowerGamers C4 Pack @ $10.90
(Include 1X C4 NGen04 Slim 10" X 6" Surface, 2X 3/4" Mouse Discs, 2X 1/4" Mouse Dots & 1X Caps4Stix Rubber Grip) 

We would announced our resellers for the new C4 NGen products shortly.

Some Images below for your reference!

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