Saturday, October 31, 2009

FRAGnStein Direct Gamers Support!

We are due to receive our first shipment of FRAGnStein Monster Controllers in early Nov 2009.

20 sets have been set aside to support our DGS programme.

How it works?

We would allow a special trade-in for your unwanted FPS based PC or PS3 games or gaming controllers, with a top-up value determined by us to support your acquistion for one of FRAGnStein.

Upon successful acquistion, you would need to give it a go with you next fps games, and email us on your first hand experience. Whether it is good or bad, we would like to have your frank opinion.

PowerGamers prefer to offer only the best available gaming related controllers and gadgets to Singapore based Gamers, and there should not be any compromise! Our DGS programme would be really handy to assist us to achieve our aims.

So, email us pics of your games or controllers and we would get back on our offer.

All FRAGnStein Monster Controllers would be taken care by our 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Best Regards

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