Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Introducing our 2nd Product Line, GAMMAC

We received the first shipment for our 2nd Product Line, GAMMAC from Korea.

In this shipment, we have 2 new innovative controllers designed by the Korean hardcore gamers & 2 accessories designed to give the best value for money!

The main focus would be the Real Drift Racing Wheel, this is probably one of the first race wheel controller that can be used on any platform! PC/PS2/PS3 + XBOX360 optional. And we have decided to tag a superb S$109.90 list price with 24 months warranty.

For the 2nd controller, the FANTA Fighting stick is specially designed from the start with the high quality components seen normally in coin-ops Arcade stations seen in Korea. The set was optimised for Tekkan 6 gaming, but it would be applicable in any of the other fighting games. Again, we have put a pretty decent list price of S$149.90 with 24 months warranty.

For the 2 accessories, have a look on the right of the screen, and you would be directed to the GAMMAC site for mode details. Both of these are priced at a very good value, especially for the HDMI Cable (S$29.90) which come with a spare DVI/HDMI adaptor, so you can swap between your TV and PC monitor for your specific gaming setup needs!

We would start listing the Resellers for GAMMAC products shortly. Check back soon!

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