Sunday, November 15, 2009

All FRAGnSteins Patched And Tested!

Due to some issues on customers' end to patch FRAGnStein correctly to the latest firmware, causing some left controllers unuseable (unsynable or sluggish L1/L2 responses), we replace one to one to those who have problems. We apologized for the inconveniences caused both to our customers' precious time and efforts to exchange for a new set.

Today, we have completely patched and tested all FRAGnSteins in our stock to ensure that future interested customers do not have to face the same problem from the earlier batches of customers.

During our patching exercise today, we realised that you do not need to rematch your Mouse and Left controller when u are patching to firmware 1.7. Just unplug after patching and replug. And press the mouse start button and the left controller PS button. It should just work correctly.

Bannco has further announced some optimization steps to set up your mouse for MW2. Please refer to Bannco website.

Happy Fragging!

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