Saturday, November 14, 2009

FRAGnStein Driver Installation & Firmware 1.7

As part of our support to the local community, we would like to describe more on the proper setup you need  to get the maximuum value from your FRAGnStein.

FRAGnStein works immediately in any PC you would plug in, recognizing as a standard Windows HID device. But this is catchy because you would still need their driver to get it to setup mode for firmware patching and mapping.

FRAGnStein Driver

Please refer to to install it on your WIN XP or Vista 32 OS. Follow the steps.

For Vista64 & Win 7, please refer to

Please take note to make sure to install this driver correctly. As you would be prompted a couple of times to install the driver. Some of the guys we know only let it install on the first prompt and skip the rest. Chances are it would still work but incomplete, and you would have problems on later part to patch firmware.

Firmware Patch (Version 1.7)

Bannco would patch their firmware every now and then to optimize the mouse responses until it is completely tweeked. We strongly recommended that you try the current version 1.7. It remove all previous known lags on the L1/L2/R1/R2 buttons. The mouse is also much smoother.

We have tested FRAGnStein with the lastest firmware 1.7. So, we can highly say that it worked well!

Follow the below link to see how you can patch. It is quite easy and would take less than 30 sec.

For the download of the firmware. Please click this below link.

During the start of the firmware patch, it is good to have a 2nd mouse hooked, because the FRAGnStein would be sleeping. Press the dongle button and plug in at the same time to your PC USB port, holding for 2 to 5 seconds, and clicking on the firmware exe using the spare mouse. You should come to a GUI screen with the buttons of update and RF active.

Please refer to the screenshot below.

Once done unplug and replug to either your PC or PS3. Volia!

Should you have problems in and between these steps, please do not hesitate to email us with your contact number.

We are preparing an active HOTLINE soon to take care of your problems with FRAGnStein.

We got you guys covered. Keep on Fragging!

Best Regards

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