Friday, June 18, 2010

PowerGamers C4 Pack With Every FRAGnStein / Scorch Purchased!

We have very positive feedback from gamers on how much smoothness and "slip-speed" they felt from their FRAGnStein/Scorch mouse once the mouse feet were applied! COol!

Our constructive viewpoint on what happened when u used this combo in your next fragging session, you literally reduce your F+ clicks to zero and pushed the in-game/software sensitivity setup to as high as possible. This minimized F+ click step greatly reduce stair-casing and jittering effetcs, while the in-game sensitivity helped to enhance microstepping of the mouse movements. And the rest of mouse "slip-speed" would be a result of "greasy-effect" of the Teflon mousefeets and the C4 NGen gaming surface (indirectly faster 180/360deg steps with smaller mouse swiping).

As such we decided that with immediate effect, all new delivered Bannco FRAGnStein/Scorch stock from us to our authorized resellers would come standard with a C4 pack complimentary from PowerGamers!

And the Biggest Value is that we have also dropped our SRP to S$129.90, fully covered by our local 24 months PowerGamers Warranty.

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