Thursday, June 3, 2010

PowerGamers Showroom In The Pipeline!

We have been serving our customers thru our appointed resellers networks since our business spinoff last November. The core policy of only distributing and not involved in direct retailing works very well for us. And we are happy to be able to convince the resellers we have partially because of this reason.

However, we are faced with a serious problem based on our feedback with customers that we interacted with. Many gamers/customers felt that we are another fly-by-night outfit similar to those in Sim Lim Squares, changing company names overnight in the same location to void whatever warranties they have promised. Sounded familiar?

This gave us some bad problems especially when parallel importers started imported our products from China and Hong Kong. And the result is pretty bad because we are the underdog/newcomer in this industry and our credibility suffered because we cannot be identified and was forced to fight handicapped against these parallel importers. (one parallel importer which we offered our products in the early days actually told us off because they don't deal with pirated stuff! And they ended up parallel import from HK because they actually missed the ride which other resellers benefited.)

Anyway, we have been getting lots of emails, smses and pms thru Gameaxis forum where we have been supporting our products earlier. Apparently a lot of guys are hoping that we can open ourselves to better serve them, including retailing directly.

We studied this request again and again, but we decided not to do anything on it but to continue along the original way that we have been using since day 1.

However came April, we were suddenly notified by the owner to shift out of our primary core hobby retail business operations @ Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Well, this is actually a turn of the tide, and we decided that we would add a new corner in our new storefront to start our showroom for the products we carry for the gamers.

Our new store front is currently still under renovation. Once it is ready. It would be listed here.

Keep watching this space.

Best Regards

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